Automating Heart Failure Treatment

Imagine delivering the best heart failure treatment to each victim worldwide every time.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are Transforming Industry

Machine-learning and AI are transforming every industry. Recently, Alphabet’s DeepMind demonstrated the power of machine-learning by beating the world Go Champion. While games prove a point, dollars drive innovation. Medicine is a major focus. Congestive Heart Failure (Heart failure) treatment is a prime target. It is labor intensive, costly, and afflicts 120 million worldwide. In the US, the costs exceed $100+billion; worldwide costs are one $trillion.

Cardiolert is Commercializing Heart Failure Treatment over the Web.


Heart failure is a chronic disease of the circulatory system. It is a simple but lethal condition. A weakened pump deprives the body of oxygen; blood pools in the lungs diminishing the oxygen supply; oxygen deprivation exhausts the victim and destroys vital organs. Mortality from onset is five years. Quality of life deteriorates faster.

Cardiolert’s proprietary technologies free the victim by improving outcomes and cutting the cord between the physician and the patient through a Web interface offering the best diagnoses available at that time. The diagnostic platform opens diagnostic analysis to the crowd linking victims to skilled diagnosticians worldwide. Victims are no longer hostage to their family physician. Treatment data fed into an machine-learning engine will produce diagnoses superior to any single diagnostician’s interpretation. 

Cardiolert’s plan is implementable in 18 months. 

Improving outcomes decreases cost.

  Improving outcomes is the key to decreasing costs. Improving diagnoses improves outcomes. Diagnoses relies on diagnosticians possessing wide variation in skills and training. As one might expect, skill variations produce outcome variations. The diagnostic methodology is a complex assimilation of dozens of patient measurements into specific medication recommendations. The objective of these treatments is reduced strain on the heart to increase blood flow. 

A system dependent on individual skill is a flawed system. Machine Learning is the answer.

This simplicity of structure gives confidence in this design and solution. It is the design capable of accommodating automated diagnoses. 


A system dependent on individual skill is flawed. 

Machine Learning is the answer.